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Advanced Genomics Application Scientist

Job Location
Aarhus, Denmark


Job Description

Position Description As our new IT specialist based in our Aarhus, Denmark office, you enjoy varied and challenging tasks and have a keen interest and talent for problem solving. You enjoy working with people and are passionate about providing excellent support to our local, regional and global customer base, in collaboration with your colleagues, both within your office and other QIAGEN locations around the world. Your deep understanding of IT systems, including experience installing and administering server systems, and comfort working and advising on multiple operating systems, gives you the basis to provide comprehensive support. Your interest in bioinformatics analyses and applications mean you will be able to become and expert user of the software. This, coupled with your ease and interest in working with people from diverse backgrounds ensures the support you provide is comprehensive and high quality, while being accessible to our diverse customer base. - Engaging with customers and co-workers to provide ideas and solutions related to our software products. This includes advanced enterprise server solutions, including cluster-based systems, as well as desktop solutions - Answering support requests from customers related to installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and use of command line, graphical stand-alone and client software, and server software products, including for cluster-based environments. - Knowledge of bioinformatics applications or the interest and ability to develop this capacity. - Participating in project groups and internal training on technical projects, including server and grid setups. - Performing occasional internet-based and on-site customer training sessions. - Travelling occasionally for on-site technical support work, provision of training, and organizational meetings.


Position Requirements - 3+ years of IT work experience, preferably in the context of scientific research high-performance computing - Experience with server and workstation administration - Excellent customer service skills, enthusiastic attitude, and solid work ethics - Interest in bioinformatics analyses and applications - Drive to explore, find solutions and achieve results - Fluent in English, with excellent written and oral communication skills. - Excellent keyboard skills. - Appropriate documentation to confirm your eligibility to work in Denmark. Personal Requirements - Minimum of 3 years providing IT support to biotech or research scientists, bioinformatician, and IT Administrators. - Knowledge and familiarity in analyzing genomic data - Experience in utilizing software in biological research - Excellent written, presentation and verbal communication skills - English fluency.

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