Administrator, Lab and Biosafety

Cepheid - US
Job Location
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Job Description

The Administrator, Lab and Biosafety, is responsible for maintaining the R&D labs to meet SOP standards and ensuring the enforcement of bio-safety rules and regulations for all Cepheid Sunnyvale lab facilities. In this position, you will represent the policies, ethics, and culture of the company in a leadership role. A successful candidate will have an excellent understanding of lab safety procedures and bio-safety rules. Flexibility is important in adjusting to changes in work volume and focus.



  • Serve as a Bio-Safety Administrator for all Cepheid Sunnyvale facilities
  • Develop, implement, and coordinate a comprehensive biological safety program to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, guidelines, and policies
  • Coordinate, quality control, and monitor the delivery of bio-safety and bloodborne pathogen education and training to any and all Cepheid employees who work with or have potential for exposure to biological pathogenic agents
  • Maintain bio-safety records
  • Chair the Biohazard Use Review Committee (BURC) and hold quarterly meetings
  • Inspect labs for compliance with regulations and guidelines pertaining to the use, handling, and disposal of potential biohazards
  • Maintain equipment calibration and error logs and resolve equipment issues
  • Maintain lab cleaning schedules and ensure procedures are properly followed
  • Ensure compliance with all corporate policy procedures in the laboratory
  • Ensure laboratory practices meet or exceed company policy and industry standards
  • Maintain and promote a safe working environment and insures that all reagents and supplies meet quality control standards
  • Coordinate installation and validation of new equipment
  • Interface with facilities management to coordinate renovations or other modification to the lab areas changes
  • Bachelor's degree in a Biological Science or equivalent combination of education and experience required
  • A minimum of 3 years of direct related laboratory management related experience
  • Excellent writing, communication, and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of the principles of quality control and quality assurance
  • In depth knowledge of biological and chemical safety protocols


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