Account Manager

Job Location
Numerous Territories in USA and Europe
Job Description

Significant expansion of our client and prospect base is driving recruiting efforts for us to secure energetic individuals to help grow our business. We are recruiting for Account Mangers in geographies in the USA and Europe.

This is a quota-carrying position dedicated to the commercial expansion of our business. Our Account Managers provide direct sales activities and support of our prospective and existing Omicia clients including responsibility for:

•  Driving revenue to meet or exceed company’s goals.

•  Prospecting, lead qualification and managing opportunities through the sales pipeline to close.

•  Providing regular sales metrics reports to the company’s leadership including pipeline and revenue forecasts, using company-standard reports

•  Delivering sales presentations and basic demonstrations.

•  Working with the Omicia support team to schedule demonstrations for key prospects.

•  Aiding the development of market messaging and collateral by providing voice of customer, working with local clients to derive case studies and garnering participation in local events.

•  Coordinating and attending local/global conferences as company representative. 



Omicia Account Managers will have a proven track record in:

•  Excellence in forecasting and achievement of quarterly sales revenues in order to meet or exceed the company’s goals.

•  Presentation and sales of complex products to the Life Sciences market, delivering compelling solutions for multiple levels and touchpoints within the prospect organization.

•  Clear communication with prospects, clients and their teammates to convey opportunities and address challenges.

•  The highest personal standards and integrity and an impeccable reputation for operating with high corporate and personal ethics.



Omicia Account Managers will ideally have the following attributes:

•  An understanding of genomics market, and a track record of successful sales and marketing experience within the space.

•  Prior experience leading highly complex, C-level sales to hospitals and clinical laboratories.

•  Experience in the sale of software tools for complex analyses. Experience selling software solutions for bioinformatics is preferred. 

How to Apply

Please send your resumé and cover letter to [email protected].

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