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R&D Researcher



Job Location

5301 Stevens Creek Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95051
United States

Job Description

Agilent Research Laboratories, the corporate research center for Agilent Technologies in Santa Clara CA, is seeking a scientist with a strong foundation in physics to pursue the invention and development of life science measurement platforms as part of an innovative multidisciplinary team.  Agilent provides life science, diagnostic, and applied market laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications, and expertise. Agilent enables customers to gain the answers and insights they seek - so they can do what they do best: improve the world around us.

We are seeking a physicist to provide additional expertise to our multidisciplinary team of scientists. The successful candidate for this position should have a demonstrated record of creativity and accomplishment that fits well within a team-oriented environment. The candidate must have the ability and desire to apply a broad array of physics disciplines, techniques, and tools to the wide range of life science applications described below. The multidisciplinary nature of this work necessitates both a willingness to learn outside of traditional physics disciplines, and the creativity to determine how to bring the quantitative aspects of physics to biological systems. Ideally, the candidate should have the aptitude and desire to carry an idea forward from inception to proof-of-principle with modest engineering support, while maintaining tight collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of scientists to ensure relevance to the targeted biology and chemistry.

To provide our customers with these important and enabling tools, a wide variety of scientific disciplines and technologies must be addressed. Agilent has a strong position in DNA and RNA synthesis and application capabilities and in cellular analysis including cell imaging, cell physiology and cell manipulation which support our product development in molecular measurement, cellular reprogramming, next generation health care, and fundamental biology. Our deep electronic measurement roots have provided us with especially excellent capabilities in physics and engineering that we carry forward in our Agilent instrumentation research programs, complementing our deep core competences in life science and chemistry.

In this role, you will also communicate progress, results, challenges and opportunities to management and technical leadership, to selected external organizations and collaborators, and, when appropriate, to the general scientific community via presentations at scientific conferences and in peer-reviewed publications. Finally, you will help Agilent Research Laboratories continue its track record of powering the growth of Agilent Technologies through breakthrough science and technology, creating competitive advantage through high-impact technology, driving market leadership and growth in Agilent’s core businesses, and expanding Agilent’s measurement footprint into adjacent markets.



  • Ph.D. or equivalent research experience in physics
  • Strong desire and aptitude to learn outside of knowledge base, particularly in the areas of the life sciences of relevance to Agilent
  • Self-motivated researcher able to work from broad objectives, and with problem-solving skills, as evidenced by scope and ownership of prior research
  • Record of innovation and contribution, e.g. as shown by journal publications
  • Demonstrated ability to develop an idea through proof-of-principle by developing hardware and communicating results
  • Experience with laboratory instrumentation and data analytics research
  • Proven perfection in communication and working collaboratively in teams



  • Two years postdoctoral experience (postdoctoral level is a huge plus)
  • Experience collaborating with life science research and/or development teams
  • Facility with numerical modeling software
  • Understanding of internal (Agilent) measurement instrumentation and measurement technologies underlying internal (Agilent) products
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