US Patent No. 9,470,684

Outer membrane protein 18 as a diagnostic marker for campylobacter
Oct 20, 2016

TechLab has been awarded US Patent No. 9,470,684, "Outer membrane protein 18 as a diagnostic marker for campylobacter."

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen also contributed to brain research, NPR reports.

The New York Times reports on the shifting interpretations of what some genetic variants mean over time.

In Cell this week: investigation of metastatic tumor evolution, more than 16,000 genetic variants introduced into the budding yeast model organism, and more.

MIT's Technology Review reports on Genentech's pursuit of personalized cancer vaccines.

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While next-generation sequencing (NGS) has driven recent advances in precision oncology research, it often falls short when identifying the molecular mechanisms underlying many malignancies. As a result, alternative NGS-based approaches are needed to identify oncogenic drivers and potential drug targets.