US Patent No. 9,410,199 and US Patent No. 9,410,200

Labelled nucleotides
Aug 12, 2016

Illumina has been awarded US Patent No. 9,410,199 and US Patent No. 9,410,200, "Labelled nucleotides."

Consulting company McKinsey says diagnostics companies will have to combine genomic data analysis, electronic medical records, effective reimbursement strategies, and regulatory compliance in order to win.

A new report has found that researchers in Africa are still heavily dependent on funding from organizations in the US, Europe, and China, Nature News says.

An article in The Atlantic argues that the progress being made in science isn't keeping pace with the money and time being spent on research.

In Science this week: a CRISPR screen identifies sideroflexin 1 as a requisite component of one-carbon metabolism, and more.