US Patent No. 8,980,551

Use of class IIB restriction endonucleases in [second-generation] sequencing applications
Apr 16, 2015

Max Planck Society has been awarded US Patent No. 8,980,551, "Use of class IIB restriction endonucleases in [second-generation] sequencing applications."

A genome-wide association study highlights a potential role for hair follicles in acne risk, according to New Scientist.

Newsday reports that breast cancer genetic testing guidelines for are out of date and may miss individuals.

In Cell this week: gene editing-based strategy to screen for immune system regulators, ancient plague patterns, and more.

Publication of He Jiankui's work on gene-edited infants would raise ethical concerns for journals, Wired and others report.

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This webinar highlights the use of single-cell genomics to identify distinct cell types and states associated with enhanced immunity.