US Patent No. 8,900,829

Methods and nucleic acids for analyses of cellular proliferative disorders
Dec 04, 2014

Epigenomics has been awarded US Patent No. 8,900,829, "Methods and nucleic acids for analyses of cellular proliferative disorders."

Juergen Distler, Thomas Hildmann, Ralf Lesche, Catherine Lofton-Day, Fabian Model, Matthias Schuster, Andrew Sledziewski, Reimo Tetzner, and Xiaoling Song are named as the inventors.

An artificial intelligence-based analysis suggests a third group of ancient hominins likely interbred with human ancestors, according to Popular Mechanics.

In Science this week: reduction in bee phylogenetic diversity, and more.

The New York Times Magazine looks into paleogenomics and how it is revising what's know about human history, but also possibly ignoring lessons learned by archaeologists.

The Economist reports on Synthorx's efforts to use expanded DNA bases they generated to develop a new cancer drug.

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