US Patent No. 8,895,249

Kinetic exclusion amplification of nucleic acid libraries
Dec 04, 2014

Illumina has been awarded US Patent No. 8,895,249, "Kinetic exclusion amplification of nucleic acid libraries."

Min-Jui Shen, Jonathan Boutell, Kathryn Stephens, Mostafa Ronaghi, Kevin Gunderson, Bala Venkatesan, Shane Bowen, and Kandaswamy Vijayan are named as the inventors.

Lawmakers have asked four direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies to explain their privacy policies and security measures, according to Stat News.

The Trump Administration has proposed a plan to reorganize the federal government, the Washington Post reports.

In Science this week: genetic overlap among many psychiatric disorders, and more.

The Economist writes that an increasing number of scientific journals don't do peer review.

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