US Patent No. 8,895,241

Aptamers for Clostridium difficile diagnostics
Dec 04, 2014

SomaLogic has been awarded US Patent No. 8,895,241, "Aptamers for Clostridium difficile diagnostics."

Urs Ochsner, Evaldas Katilius, and Nebojsa Janjic are named as the inventors.

NPR speaks with Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) about the US House of Representatives science committee.

In PLOS this week: somatic mutation associations unearthed in thousands of cancer exomes, pathogen detection assay, and more.

Fortune reports that a Philadelphia-area hospital system is offering its employees free genetic testing.

Retraction Watch reports that a judge dismissed most of the lawsuit Ohio State University's Carlo Croce brought against the New York Times.

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This webinar will discuss how Amyris, a biotechnology company that develops renewable products for a broad range of applications and industries, uses large-scale microbial engineering to support its manufacturing processes.

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This webinar will demonstrate how a research team at the National Institutes of Health evaluated a novel in situ hybridization approach and applied it to study splice variants related to schizophrenia.