N-of-One RapidInsights for Illumina's Trusight Tumor

Feb 22, 2017

N-of-One has launched the RapidInsights for Illumina TruSight Tumor 170 (TST170) panel. RapidInsights is a fully automated interpretation solution that will read bioinformatics output of the genomic variants from the TST170 panel in minutes. Results from the panel are based on the medical literature, guidelines, and clinical trials to determine the best therapies and/or trials for the patient. The solution will be available through the Philips' Intellispace Genomics solution, the company said.

John Mendelsohn, a former president of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, has died, the New York Times reports.

Chinese state news agency Xinhua reports that a preliminary investigation has found He Jiankui performed his gene-editing work illegally.

Identical twins receive different estimates of ancestry from the same direct-to-consumer genetic testing firms, CBC reports.

In PNAS this week: chromosomal features of maize, adaptations in the vinous-throated parrotbill, and more.

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