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The network contains data on 397 interactions, including more than 260 novel interactions, and could help research into patient treatment and drug development.

The researchers have developed a method using de novo sequencing of antibody variable regions that they said could add power to conventional biomarker studies.

The researchers reported that New World H. pylori subpopulations reflected admixture of European and African strains, with some differences.

Using genotyping and tissue-specific expression data from the Genotype-Tissue Expression project, researchers characterized Neanderthal allele-specific expression.

Aviva will obtain assets including GenWay's CLIA facility, and its expertise in protein and assay production for research and clinical use.

In Science this week: genetic target for urothelial bladder cancer treatment, and more.

At the Conversation, the University of Oxford's Michael Macklay writes that learning genetic risk of disease is a personal decision.

Two dozen scientific organizations have endorsed the March for Science, according to ScienceInsider.

Researchers in Japan describe a chimpanzee with a chromosomal abnormality similar to human Down syndrome, Mashable reports.