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The tool, which allows conventional searching of data-independent acquisition mass spec data, previously worked only with AB Sciex TripleTOF instruments.

Researchers working on the Human Functional Genomics Project have begun to unravel genetic relationships and variations in human immune response. 

E-Nios spun out from the National Hellenic Research Foundation in 2013 to commercialize computational methods for identifying and prioritizing gene targets.

The method, Magnified Analysis of the Protein (MAP), combines expandable hydrogel-tissue hybrids with antibody labeling to let scientists observe the structure of cell and tissue proteomes.

The company uses multiple-reaction monitoring mass spectrometry to measure exosome-bound proteins that can predict a woman's risk of preterm delivery.

Theresa May tries to reassure researchers about the UK's commitment to science, New Scientist reports.

In Science this week: new single-cell RNA sequencing technique to study proliferating cells, and more.

South African researchers uncover bone cancer in an ancient hominin ancestor.

English bulldogs suffer from low genetic diversity and might have to be outbred to improve their health, according to a new study.