Research & Discovery

The increase in revenues was driven by stem cell banking contracts and sales of iCell Hepatocytes.

The so-called AMP-AD knowledge portal provides access to RNA-sequencing, genotype, and clinical data from multiple Alzheimer's disease projects.

A Yale-led team has uncovered a number of enhancers and promoters with increased activity in humans, indicating a role for them in human cortical evolution.

The scientists were able to systematically knock out the genes in the mouse genome to identify novel tumor suppressor genes.

At AGBT, Fluidigm showcased the Polaris system for integrated single-cell analysis and new applications for the C1, including high-throughput RNA-seq and protein analysis.

In Nature this week: omic analysis of permafrost microbes, hookworm genome, and more.

Biologists turn to environmental DNA sampling to determine whether elusive or invasive species are shedding DNA in a given area.

Rob Knight writes at Scientific American that microbiome studies are about to break out of the laboratory.

Harold Varmus, the director of the National Cancer Institute, has announced that he is stepping down after nearly five years.