Research & Discovery

The organizations will create an integrated omics laboratory to investigate disease biomarkers for new drug therapies.

Fredrik Salmén presented the spatial transcriptomic approach that combines morphological and gene expression data at the Biology of Genomes meeting this week.

The field needs a database that can help inform variant classifications reported to patients, but Quest finds most publicly available resources aren't robust enough for this purpose.

23andMe will begin recruiting patients into the 5,000-patient study this month.

An international team demonstrated that SNP barcodes and whole-genome patterns in Plasmodium falciparum may reflect intervention-induced changes in parasite transmission.

In Cell this week: Leukemia-like disease in soft-shell clams, mNET-seq method for profiling growing transcripts, and more.

While James Watson and Francis Crick are credited for discovering the structure of DNA, Rich proved their theory of a double helix structure was correct when he produced a distinct image of the structure.

Nature News reports that early users of Oxford Nanopore's hand-held MinIon are giddy about the technology and its uses. 

According to MIT Technology Review, Apple is collaborating with researchers to develop apps for consumer DNA testing.