Research & Discovery

The field needs a database that can help inform variant classifications reported to patients, but Quest finds most publicly available resources aren't robust enough for this purpose.

23andMe will begin recruiting patients into the 5,000-patient study this month.

An international team demonstrated that SNP barcodes and whole-genome patterns in Plasmodium falciparum may reflect intervention-induced changes in parasite transmission.

In a whole-genome analysis of sequence type 1 group B Streptococcus strains, researchers found that small genetic changes drive their evolution.

Technion's Reut Shalgi is building up her lab to study how chaperones affect protein synthesis and protein folding.

In PNAS this week: genomic study of group B Streptococcus evolution, selection on the X chromosome in great apes, and more.

Changing the fat and fiber content of people's diets affects their gut microbiome, metabolome, and colon cancer risk, researchers say.

Broken links are found throughout academic publications, and some services are trying to combat such link decay.

Nick Stockton at Wired says that a pause in studying genome-editing tools should be used to find a path forward.