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Proteomics & Protein Research

Researcher Gordon Mills said assays based on his lab's Cancer Proteome Atlas project could be used to guide patient treatment within the next 18 months.

The researchers suggested the 158-protein assay could prove useful for applications like large population screenings, where ease of sampling is important.

Posting strong pharma sales but weakness in academia and government, Waters matched analysts' average EPS estimate for the quarter but fell short on revenues.

The companies will use Myriad RBM's CustomMAP platform to measure cardiovascular risk biomarkers in patients treated with a Sanofi diabetes drug.

The test is designed to replace gel electrophoresis assays currently used for measuring M-proteins, biomarkers for plasma cell diseases such as multiple myeloma.

In Nature this week: genetic history of HIV in the US, and more.

There are a few projects aimed at addressing the lack of diversity in genomic research, Technology Review reports.

A national assessment shows that US students lag in the sciences, but suggests that achievement gaps are narrowing.

Harvard's George Church discusses HGP-write with the Journal of the American Medical Association.