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Proteomics & Protein Research

Ruedi Aebersold

GenomeWeb spoke to Aebersold this week from New York to get his thoughts on the meeting and what is happening in the world of proteomics more generally.

CareFirst covers more than 3 million patients in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia, and is one several payors to recently issue a coverage decision for Vermillion.

The project combined proteomic, lipidomic, and metabolomic analyses of 174 knockout yeast strains using a high-throughput mass spectrometry workflow.

The company believes its phosphotyrosine enrichment reagents will enable deeper phosphoproteomic studies and aid in drug and diagnostics development.

ImmunArray will use Quanterix's Simoa single-molecule array technology for biomarker analysis, with the potential to enrich its diagnostic panels.