Research & Discovery

After going through the consumer genomics testing process, participants maintained similar, high levels of genetic literacy, but reported lower confidence in their understanding of genetic information.

The deal expands one reached in 2013 to discover and develop therapeutic agents targeting cancer genome alterations. 

Funding for the new model for facilitating basic and translational genomic science in the country will be matched by public and private donors to create 10 research "nodes."

The 19-member panel will define the scope and scale of the $215 million initiative and identify the issues that need to be addressed, among other efforts. 

The findings build on previous work that showed a gene known to be regulated by an miRNA family influenced the growth of fruit in Arabidopsis.

In PNAS this week: rare variants linked to bleeding disorder, comparison of whole-exome and whole-genome sequencing, and more.

George Church tells The Sunday Times that his group has inserted some woolly mammoth genes into elephant cells.

A Scientific Reports editor resigns over a new policy at the journal allowing researchers to pay to fast track the peer review of their manuscripts, and poll.

The National Cancer Institute's Harold Varmus discusses the state of cancer research with the New York Times.