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Biocept Receives CE Mark for Blood Collection Tube, Sample Collection Shipping Kit

NEW YORK – Biocept announced on Thursday its CEE-Sure blood collection tube and CEE-Sure sample collection shipping kit have received been CE marked. 

The company can now commercialize the tubes and collection kits throughout Europe and other countries that recognize the designation. The CEE-Sure products are designed to collect blood and other liquid biopsy specimens. 

Biocept's blood collection tube can also preserve CTCs, ctDNA, or ctRNA collected from the patient in the same tube for other platforms, such as next-generation sequencing. It can be used to collect blood, cerebrospinal fluid, sputum, and fluid from pleural effusion. It uses technology that stops cell clumping and prevents clogging of microfluidics devices. 

Earlier this week, the San Diego-based company filed for a $13.8 million sale of stock and warrants with proceeds going to fund operations and expand the business.