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Thermo Electron, ProtoNet, Aureus Pharma

Thermo Electron announced the launch of its LTQ FT Ultra, a next-generation hybrid FTICR mass spectrometer. The instrument “analyzes complex matrices and large molecules with independent sub ppm mass accuracy, ultra-high resolution in excess of 750,000 and improved detection circuitry,” the company said this week in a press release.
Equipped with a novel ICR cell design, the Ultra Cell, which improves sensitivity and widens the dynamic range to beyond 4,000, all on LC timescale, the LTQ FT Ultra is suited for top-down and bottom-up proteomics and metabolomics, the company said.

ProtoNet has released its ProtoNet version 4.5, an automatic classification of protein sequences based on a hierarchical clustering method. The new version provides a classification for all proteins and supports TrEMBL entries, the company said last week in a press release.


Aureus Pharma announced it has released its AurSCOPE Kinase Knowledge database containing biological data obtained from scientific journals and patents.