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Shimadzu, Proxeon, AnaSpec, Cell Signaling Technology, LI-COR Biosciences

Shimadzu this week launched software integrating its Prominence HPLC series with Waters’ Empower Chromatography data processing software. The two companies announced the deal to develop software integrating their platforms at Pittcon [See PM 03/01/07].

Proxeon this week introduced an updated version of its proteomics data interpretation software, ProteinCenter. New features include the ability of ProteinCenter to handle quantitative data from Mascot and MS-Quant. Other improvements include visualization of compared datasets through Venn diagrams; support for the Arabidopsis and Flybase sequence databases and a new statistical module that can determine the biological significance between two datasets.

AnaSpec this week introduced 69 new catalog peptides. They include (pS8; pS13) Eucariotic Translation Initiation Factor 2B (eIF2B); 5-FAM labeled; [Ala34]-beta-Amyloid (1-34); and [p15]-Gag Region of HIV-1 Subtype C.

Cell Signaling Technology this week made available to academic and non-profit researchers the PhosphoScan Profiling technology, and information within the PhosphoSite knowledgebase. Licenses to the PhosphoScan will be offered on a non-exclusive, non-commercial, royalty-free basis.

LI-COR Biosciences launched the Western Blotting Stripping Buffer and Smart Gel for protein detection. It also launched the IRDye 680 Donkey Anti-Goat antibody.