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Scott Patterson, Terrence Ryan, Nasri Nahas, David Rees, Arthur Patchett, Lawrence Glass, Ralph Ito


Scott Patterson, formerly vice president of proteomics at Celera, has left the company, and started last week as CSO of Pasadena-based startup Farmal Biomedicines. Patterson told ProteoMonitor that Farmal, which plans to launch formally in March, will develop protein therapeutics in areas such as oncology. Prior to joining Celera in 2000, he held positions as associate director of research and head of the department of biochemistry and genetics at Amgen, and previously, as a staff investigator at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. Patterson holds a PhD in physiology from the University of Queensland in Australia.

Terrence Ryan, who used to be director of cell biology at Celera, has also left the company and joined GlaxoSmithKline as director of integrative biology. Before joining Celera, Ryan was associate director of cell technology at Regeneron. He holds a PhD in microbiology from Rutgers University.


Nasri Nahas has become CEO of Geneva, Switzerland-based Geneva Bioinformatics, moving up from chief operating officer. Before joining GeneBio, Nasri held various scientific and business positions within the biotechnology industry.


David Rees has been appointed director of medicinal chemistry at Cambridge, UK-based Astex Technology. He joins the company from AstraZeneca, where he was director and head of the medicinal chemistry department based in Mölndal, Sweden. He obtained his PhD in organic chemistry at Cambridge University.


Arthur Patchett has joined the scientific advisory board of Cambridge, Mass.-based NeoGenesis Pharmaceuticals. Until his retirement in 2000, Patchett was a vice president of medicinal chemistry at Merck Research Laboratories in Rahway, NJ. He holds a PhD in organic chemistry from Harvard University. NeoGenesis has a partnership with Oxford GlycoSciences.


Lawrence Glass has become chief strategy officer of Gaithersburg, Md. -based Panacea Pharmaceuticals. He used to be executive vice president for corporate development and scientific affairs at Virco Lab, the US subsidiary of Belgium-based Virco Group. Panacea Pharmaceuticals uses functional genomics and proteomics to develop drugs and diagnostics.


Ralph Ito has become senior scientific director of Windsor, Conn.-based Protedyne. Prior to joining the company, he served as vice president and director of laboratory services for Zoion, a custom provider of human tissue for target discovery. Ito holds a PhD in biomedical sciences from Northeastern University in Boston and an MCLS in clinical chemistry from the University of California.

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