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Roche Applied Science, SimBioSys, Bruker AXS


Roche Applied Science has released a new version of its Rapid Translation System (RTS) for cell-free protein expression. The RTS is a suite of E. coli lysate-based protein expression products and web-based services that can produce up to 150 mg of protein in a single o/n reaction. Roche Applied Science has also released RTS ProteoExpert, a new on-line program that suggests modified PCR primers for increasing the yield of protein.

SimBioSys of Toronto has released Sprout version 4.1, a tool for the rational design of drug-like biologically active molecules. The new version of the system provides a library to quickly generate peptides, in addition to the standard library for generating small molecule drug candidates. For further information visit

Bruker AXS has launched the X8 series of x-ray crystallography systems, the Madison, Wis.-based company said last week. The new line of instruments utilizes technology obtained through the acquisition of Nonius in April 2001, and includes the X8Proteum, Bruker's top-of-the-line instrument for high throughput structural proteomics. The X8 line also includes the X8Apex for determining the structure of small molecules, BruNo, a robotic system for sample changing of single crystals, and Linux and Windows software for data acquisition and structure analysis to accompany the Apex and Proteum instruments.