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Richard Bastiani, Martin Haase, Jrg Laukien, Frank Laukien, Dirk Laukien, Isolde Laukien, Marc Laukien, Andrew Carr


Predicant Biosciencies announced last week the appointment of Richard Bastiani to the company's board of directors. Bastiani is currently chairman of the human vaccine company ID Biomedical. He also serves on the board of Zbaxis, a company that specializes in point-of-care diagnostics. In addition, he is the director and co-founder of Discover Rx, a company focused on high-throughput screening and proteomics products for pharmaceutical drug discovery.

Previously, Bastiani was president of Dendreon, a biotechnology company focused on developing cell-based therapies for treatment of cancer, and president of Syva, a clinical diagnostics company.

Martin Haase will be leaving the board of directors of Bruker Biosciences effective Dec. 31, the company said this week in an SEC filing. In a press release earlier this year, Haase said he was leaving the company to “pursue other interests.”

Bruker has appointed Jörg Laukien to its board of directors as a Class III director. He starts Jan. 1, 2005. He is a director and president of Bruker BioSpin MRI, Inc.; president of Bruker BioSpin MRI GmbH; president of Bruker Elektronic GmbH; director of Bruker BioSpin Inc.; director of Bruker BioSpin SA; director of Bruker BioSpin s.r.l.; and director of Techneon.

Laukien owns 14.3 percent of Bruker stock. The company's five largest stockholders are Frank Laukien, Dirk Laukien, Isolde Laukien, Jörg Laukien, and Marc Laukien. Isolde Laukien is the mother of Dirk and Marc Laukien. Jörg, Frank, Dirk, and Marc are brothers or half-brothers.

Andrew Carr, former president of discovery systems for GE Healthcare, is now functioning in an advisory role within the company. Carr was replaced by Joel McComb in August, who joined the company from a position as president and CEO of Innovadyne Technologies. McComb's previous work experience included heading the primary care division of Beckman Coulter


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