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Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics: May 27, 2011


Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics

US Patent No. 7,947,513. Sets and compositions pertaining to analyte determination. Inventors: Darryl Pappin, Michael Bartlett-Jones. Assignee: DH Technologies

Covers methods and kits for the determination of analytes by mass analysis using isomeric or isobaric labeling reagents that can be used to produce mixtures suitable for multiplex analysis of the labeled analytes.

US Patent No. 7,947,504. Tumor marker for pancreatic cancer and method of testing the same. Inventors: Eiji Miyoshi, Naoyuki Taniguchi, Miyako Nakano. Assignee: Wako Pure Chemical Industries.

Covers a pancreatic cancer diagnostic performed by detecting a fucosylated sugar chain present on a specific site of human haptoglobin and using the quantity of that sugar chain as a tumor marker.

US Patent No. 7,943,393. Method and device for extracting an analyte. Inventors: Douglas Gjerde, Ronald Jones, Allen Burge. Assignee: PhyNexus.

Describes extraction columns for purification of analytes from a sample solution. In some cases the columns use modified pipette tips as bodies and in others the method involves adjusting the head pressure of the column during the process.

US Patent No. 7,943,330. Tailored glycoproteomic methods for the sequencing, mapping and identification of cellular glycoproteins. Inventors: Chi-Huey Wong, Tsui-Ling Hsu, Sarah Hanson. Assignee: Academia Sinica

Describes methods for sequencing, mapping, and identifying cellular glycoproteins using saccharide-selective bioorthogonal probes that can be selectively isolated allowing for glycoprotein identification and glycan mapping via mass spectrometry.

US Patent No. 7,939,636. Reagents for the detection of protein phosphorylation in c-Src signaling pathways. Inventors: Albrecht Moritz, Kimberly Lee, John Rush, Roberto Polakiewicz. Assignee: Cell Signaling Technology.

Covers 102 novel phosphorylation sites identified in proteins and pathways downstream of c-Src kinase as well as phosphorylation-site specific antibodies and heavy-isotope labeled peptides for the selective detection and quantification of the phosphorylated sites and proteins.

US Patent No. 7,935,518. Smart hydrogel particles for biomarker harvesting. Inventors: Alessandra Luchini, Lance Liotta, Emanuel Petricoin, David Geho. Assignee: NA

Describes capture particles for harvesting analytes from solution consisting of a polymeric matrix with a pore size that allows the analytes to enter the particle. The pore size may be changeable upon application of a stimulus to the particles so that the analytes of interest may remain sequestered inside in order to collect analytes typically subject to degradation upon harvesting and concentrate low-abundance analytes.

The Scan

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According to the Guardian, UK officials expect the B.1.617.2 variant to soon be the dominant version of SARS-CoV-2 there.

Anne Schuchat to Retire

Anne Schuchat is retiring after more than 30 years at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Politico reports.

US to Share More Vaccines

CNN reports that the US will share 20 million doses of the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson SARS-CoV-2 vaccines with other countries.

PNAS Papers on Gene Therapy Platform, Aspergillus Metabolome, Undernutrition Model Microbiome

In PNAS this week: approach to deliver protein-based treatments to cells, pan-secondary metabolome of Aspergillus, and more.