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Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics: Jan 29, 2009


US Patent 7,482,581. Fourier transform mass spectrometer and method for generating a mass spectrum therefrom. Inventors: Oliver Lange; Andreas Wieghaus. Assignee: Thermo Finnigan [now Thermo Fisher Scientific]

In the described method, a first quantity of ions from a source having a first mass-to-charge range is captured and detected in the FTMS measurement cell, producing a first output. A second quantity of ions with a m/z range, at least not partially overlapping with the first m/z range, is then captured and detected, producing a second output. The two outputs are then combined into a composite output. A composite mass spectrum covering the full range of m/z ratios can then be produced.

US Patent 7,479,630. Method and apparatus for flow cytometry linked with elemental analysis. Inventors: Dmitry R Bandura; Vladimir L Baranov; Scott D Tanner. Assignee: N/A

Invention pertains to an apparatus, an elemental flow cytometer, for sequentially analyzing particles, such as single cells or single beads, by spectrometry. The apparatus includes means for sequential particle introduction, means to vaporize, atomize and excite or ionize the particels, or an elemental tag associated with an analyte on the particles, and means to analyze the elemental composition of the vaporized, atomized, and excited or ionized particles, or an elemental tag associated with the particles. Methods for analyzing particles by spectrometry are described.

US Patent 7,479,378. Method of analyzing enzyme compositions with lipolytic, proteolytic, and amylolytic activity. Inventors: Andreas Potthoff; Andreas Koerner; Bernd Thumbeck. Assignee: Solvay Pharmaceuticals

The methods described is for analyzing the identity, protein and/or peptide patterns, and the stability of samples containing physiologically acceptable enzyme mixtures with lipolytic, proteolytic, and amylolytic activity. The method particularly pertains to mixtures of digestive enzymes such as pancreatin for use in manufacturing medicinal products comprising such enzyme mixtures, according to the abstract.

US Patent 7,476,853. Ion fragmentation by reaction with neutral particles. Inventors: Roman Zubarev; Alexander Misharin; Oleg Silivra; Frank Kjeldsen. Assignee: Bruker Daltonik

A method and apparatus for fragmenting large molecules, especially biopolymers, is described. Analyte ions are reacted with excited or radical neutral particles producing a new type of fragmentation strongly resembling fragmentation by electron capture dissociation, “at least in case of bombardment of analyte ions with helium atoms from an FAB generator,” according to the abstract.

US Patent 7,476,546. Method for single oxygen atom incorporation into digested peptides using peptidases. Inventors: Masaru Miyagi; KC Sekhar. Assignee: University of North Dakota

Optimized enzymatic conditions incorporate a single oxygen atom into digested peptides using a peptidase, according to the abstract. Optimized proteolytic O18 labeling minimizes the generation of a mixture of isotopic isoforms of the peptides resulting from the incorporation of either on or two O18 atoms, resulting in accurate quantification of isotopically labeled peptides.

US Patent 7,476,502. Methods and compositions for assaying analytes. Inventors: James Willey. Assignee: N/A

Described are methods and compositions for assaying one or more analytes in a sample “with improved sensitivity, reproducibility, and/or lower detection limits,” according to the abstract. Applications for such methods and compositions are also described. In particular the invention is directed at assaying one or more non-nucleic acid analytes with one or more other nucleic acid and/or non-nucleic acid analytes serving as controls.

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