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Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics: Mar 23, 2006


US Patent No. 7,015,465. Parallel concentration, desalting and deposition onto MALDI targets. Inventors: Robert Karol, Jeffrey Finch, Daniel Wall. Assignee: Waters Investments.

This invention provides a method and apparatus for the continuous deposition of RP HPLC eluent, from isocratic or gradient elutions, onto a MALDI target using a parallel sample desalting method. The method allows for increased sensitivity of the MALDI sample by pre-concentration of the analyte, separation of interfering contaminants from the analyte, and increased dynamic range of peptide abundance that can be analyzed.

US Patent No. 7,007,710. Microfluidic devices and methods. Inventors: Jonathan Heller, John Stults, Uthara Srinivasan, Luc Bousse, Mingqi Zhao. Assignee: Predicant Biosciences.

This invention relates to an interface between microfluidic devices and a mass spectrometer.

US Patent No. 7,008,769. Nanoscale molecular arrayer. Inventors: Eric Henderson, Curtis Mosher. Assignee: BioForce Nanosciences.

This invention is an apparatus for the formation of arrays that include one or more deposition domains comprised of one or more deposition materials. The invention may include an X, Y controller, an X, Y translation stage, a loading substrate, a deposition substrate, a Z controller, and a deposition probe. A computer controls the relative positions of each of the components.

US Patent No. 6,993,958. Capillary column chromatography process and system. Inventor: Paul Carlton. Assignee: PerSeptive BioSystems.

This invention relates to a microfluidic system for separating components of many fluid samples in a parallel fashion through an array of capillary conduits. The microfluidic circuit is made of three or more substrate layers and preferably includes etched channels in different layers that are dimensioned relative to one another to provide for retaining the solid composition within the capillary separation conduits.

US Patent No. 6,977,723. Apparatus and method for high-throughput preparation and spectroscopic classification and characterization of compositions. Inventors: Anthony Lemmo, Javier Gonzalez-Zugasti, Michael Cima, Douglas Levinson, Alasdair Johnson, Orn Almarsson, Christopher McNulty. Assignee: Transform Pharmaceuticals.

In this invention, systems and methods are described that allow for the high-throughput preparation, processing, and study of arrays of samples. The invention allows for a large number of experiments to be performed in parallel on samples that are comprised of one or more compounds.

US Patent No. 7,001,587. Measurement of protein synthesis rates in humans and experimental systems by use of isotopically labeled water. Inventor: Marc Hellerstein. Assignee: The Regents of the University of California.

This invention relates to the measurement of protein synthesis rates using isotopically labeled water.

US Patent No. 6,995,363. Reduction of matrix interference for MALDI mass spectrometry analysis. Inventors: Michael Donegan, Andrew Tomlinson, Perumanath Nair, Peter Juhasz. Assignee: Applera/MDS.

In this invention, a MALDI plate suitable for MS or MS-MS analysis is provided. The plate is coated with a composite coating that consists of a hydrophobic coating and a thin layer coating of a mixture of a MALDI matrix material and an intercalating agent, such as a polymer. The MALDI plate is useful for suppression of matrix ions in the low mass region of a MALDI-MS spectrum.

US Patent No. 6,995,362. Dual electrospray ionization source for mass spectrometer. Inventors: Michael Burke, Patrick Caskey, David Muddiman. Assignee: Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research.

In this invention, a dual electrospray ionization source is presented for use in connection with a mass spectrometer. The source includes a polymer nozzle holder having a drive axis and a pair of continuously spraying nozzles mounted to the nozzle holder in spaced-apart positions.

US Patent No. 6,992,283. Mass spectrometer. Inventors: Robert Bateman, John Hoyes, James Langridge, Jason Wildgoose. Assignee: Micromass UK.

This invention discloses a mass spectrometer with ions which are passed through an ion mobility separator and then analyzed by a time of flight mass analyzer. Multiple sets of mass spectral data are obtained which are then post-processed so that mass spectral data relating to ions having undesired charge states is filtered out. The resultant mass spectrum comprises ions having a desired charge state.

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