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Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics: Aug 24, 2006

US Patent No. 7,090,333. Focused acoustic energy in the preparation of peptide arrays. Inventors: Mitchell Mutz and Richard Ellson. Assignee: Picoliter
The invention relates to arrays of peptidic molecules and the preparation of peptide arrays. The arrays are prepared using focused acoustic energy. Peptide-containing fluid droplets are ejected from individual reservoirs toward designated sites on a substrate for attachment.

US Patent No. 7,085,765. Methods to increase the capacity of high content cell-based screening assays. Inventors: Joseph Zock, and Megan Weiss. Assignee: Cellomics
The invention pertains to the pooling of multiple high-content cell-based screening assays. A primary screen is carried out in one or more channels of a fluorescence detection device, “drastically [increasing] the number of simultaneous high content cell-based screening events that can be carried out,” according to the abstract.

US Patent No. 7,081,954. Micoarray detector and synthesizer. Inventor: Perry Sandstrom. Assignee: Able Signal Company
The invention relates to novel systems, devices, and methods used to read and synthesize microarrays. The invention uses spatial modulators for such purpose.