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Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics: May 24, 2007

US Patent 7,220,573. Array assay devices and methods of using the same. Inventors: Lawrence Shea; Douglas Summers; Richard Hilson. Assignee: Agilent Technologies
Invention pertains to array assay devices and methods for using them. The device has a base sized to hold a substrate having at least one array, a cover for the substrate and a snap-fit for holding the cover and base together.

US Patent 7,219,038. Automatic peak identification method. Inventors: Eugene Tracy; Jaijian Chen; William Cooke. Assignee: College of William and Mary
Invention pertains to a protocol to improve analysis and peak identification in spectroscopic data. Peaks in data sets are automatically identified by Bayesian methods. If and after peak shapes are identified within a given window, the likelihood function is maximized “in order to estimate peak position and amplitude,” according to the abstract.

US Patent 7,217,360. Multi-column chromatography system. Inventor: John Brann. Assignee: Cohesive Technologies
Invention pertains to a method and apparatus for chromatographic analysis of each of a plurality of samples in a detector. The apparatus consists of an autosampler to contain a plurality of sample for analysis and a plurality of chromatographic systems. Each system comprises one or more pumps and one or more chromatography columns.

US Patent 7,214,353. Peptide or protein-capturing surfaces for high throughput MALDI mass spectrometry. Inventors: Bernice Feuer; Jinlin Peng; Ma Sha. Assignee: Corning
Invention pertains to methods and compositions for capturing proteins and peptides from a sample mixture, and analysis by high throughput electrospray ionization or matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization MS.

US Patent 7,214,313. Liquid chromatograph. Inventors: Morimasa Hayashi; Yosuke Iwata; Yusuke Osaka. Assignee: Shimadzu
Invention pertains to a 2D LC. The device includes a first-dimensional separation channel for guiding a sample “injected from a sample injection part to a first-dimension analysis column using a first-dimension analysis mobile phase for separation,” according to the abstract. In addition it has two trap columns, an analysis channel for guiding components retained in the trap columns to a second-dimensional analysis column using a 2D analysis mobile phase for analysis, and a channel switching mechanism.

US Patent 7,212,924. Method of inferring three-dimensional structure of protein. Inventor: Akiko Itai. Assignee: N/A
Invention pertains to a method of predicting the three-dimensional structure of a protein. The method comprises a query sequence and uses a database containing “environmental information on the side chain of each amino acid residue contained in the amino acid sequence of each reference protein whose three-dimensional structure is known or predictable,” according to the abstract.

US Patent 7,208,726. Ion trap mass spectrometer with scanning delay ion extraction. Inventors: August Hidalgo; Stuart Hansen; Gangqiang Li. Assignee: Agilent Technologies

Invention includes an ion source, an ion trap positioned to receive ions from the ion source, a TOF mass analyzer, and a detector coupled to the TOF. Methods for analyzing ions by MS are also described.

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