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Recent NSF Awards in the Areas of Proteomics and Protein Research: Apr 29, 2005

Recent NSF Awards in the Areas of
Proteomics and Protein Research
Principal Investigator(s) Sponsor Start/(est)
end date
Amount Title
Baker, Stokes; Roytek, Margaret University of Detroit 6/1/05-
Using Transgenic Plants that Express Green Fluorescent Protein in Teaching Quantitative Experimental Skills to First Year Undergraduates
Genhge, Nien-Hui University of California Irvine 4/15/05-
CAREER: Protein Structure, Dynamics, and Folding via Ultrafast multidimensional Infrared Spectroscopy
Gribskov, Michael Purdue University 9/1/04-
Protein Kinase Resource
Hendrickson, Tamara; Draper, David; Fleming, Karen; Goldberg, David Johns Hopkins University 5/1/05-
Peptide Synthesis System to Probe Protein Structure and Interactions with Other Biological Macromolecules and Ions
Klinman, Judith University of California Berkeley 4/15/05-
Linking Protein Dynamics to Hydrogen Tunneling
Leitner, David; Straub, John; Berry, R. Stephen University of Nevada Reno 4/15/05-
US-Japan Cooperative Research: Dynamical Foundation of Protein Function: Energy Transfer and Storage
McLaughlin, Larry Boston College 4/15/05-
Functional Group Interactions in DNA-Protein Recognition
Orellana, Monica; van den Engh, Gerrit Institute for Systems Biology 4/1/05-
Carbon Sequestration: Tracing the Source and Fate of Marine Biopolymers Using Proteomics and Antibody Display Technology
Timperman, Aaron; Del Castillo, Carlos West Virginia University Research Corporation 9/1/05-
Seawater Proteomics
Tolbert, Laren; Solntsev, Kyril Georgia Tech Research Corporation 4/15/05-
Toward a Quantitative Model for Excited-State Proton Transfer: From "Super" Photoacids to the Green Fluorescent Protein
Wandinger-Ness, Angela; Sklar, Larry University of New Mexico Health Science Center 4/15/05-
Rab7 and Accessory Protein Function in Endocytosis
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