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Recent NSF Awards in the Areas of Proteomics and Protein Research: Mar 30, 2006

Recent NSF Awards in the Areas of Proteomics and Protein Research
Principal Investigator(s) Sponsor
End Date
Collmer, Alan Cornell University
Role in Pathogenesis of Pseudomonas Syringae Proteins Targeted to the Plant Apoplast by the Type III Secretion System
Diaz, Elva University of California Davis
RIG/CCA: A Novel Family of Transmembrane Proteins that Regulate Synaptic Differentiation
Doseff, Andrea Ohio State University Research Foundation
Regulation of Apoptosis by the Interaction of Casp-3 with PKC and Small Heat Shock Proteins
Dubin, Paul University of Massachusetts Amherst
Studies of Protein-Heparin Binding Via Frontal Analysis Continuous Capillary Electrophoresis (FACCE), FACCE/Electrospray-MS and Protein Electrostatic Modeling
Dufresne, Eric Yale University
CAREER: Self-Assembly and Direct Fabrication of Stimuli-Responsive Colloidal Materials Governed by Proteins to Enable Applications of Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine
Elliott, Sean Boston University
CAREER: Bioinforganic Redox Chemistry and Protein-Protein Interactions at an Electrode
Gu, Li-Qun University of Missouri Columbia
CAREER: Single Molecule Study of Oligonucleotide-Protein Interaction and Folding in a Nanopore
McGuire, Jimmy; Dudley, Robert University of California Berkeley
The Phylogenetic and Biogeographic History of High Altitude Adaptation in Hummingbirds: Selection on Hemoglobin Proteins as a Function of Oxygen Supply and Demand
Pielak, Gary University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Protein Biophysics in Cells
Rockcliffe, David Kentucky State University
Biomimetic Aspects of Copper Binding in Copper-Peptide Complexes
Ubarretxena-Belandia, Iban CUNY City College
CAREER: Biochemical and Structural Characterization of Intramembrane Proteases
Wang, Ping Cornell University
Study of Protein Constitutents of Lipidopteran Peritrophic Membranes
Watson, John Indiana University
Protein Kinases that Regulate Root Waving
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