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Recent NSF Awards in the Areas of Proetomics and Protein Research

Recent NSF Awards in the Areas of Proetomics and Protein Research
Principal Investigator(s) Sponsor
Start/(est) End Date
Dufourg, Marie SINMAT
SBIR Phase I: Sustained Pulmonary Release of Nanoencapsulated Proteins for Counter Bioterrorism Applications
Ecker, Joseph The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Arabidopsis 2010: The Arabidopsis Gene Collection/ORFeome Project
Kinsel, Gary Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Protein-Surface Interactions: MALDI MS Based Fundamental Studies and Bioselective Probe Development
Knisley, Debra; Zou, Yue; Bach, Bert East Tennessee State University
An Investigation of Biomolecular Graphs
Lakshman, Mahesh CUNY City College
Acquisition of a Mass Spectrometer for Research and Teaching
Last, Robert; Osteryoung, Katherine; Ohlrogge, John; DellaPenna, Dean; Benning, Chris Michigan State University
Arabidopsis 2010: Understanding Chloroplast Function
Synder, Michael; Gerstein, Mark; Dinesh-Kumar, Savithramma Yale University
Arabidopsis 2010: Development of an Arabidopsis Proteome Chip
Zhang, John SAI
SBIR Phase I: A Proteomic-Based Biometric System for Near-Real Time Detection of Less-Than-Lethal Exposures to CBRN Materials
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