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Recent NIH Proetomics Awards in FY 2005* (L-Z)

Recent NIH Proetomics Awards in FY 2005* (L-Z)
Principal Investigator Institution
Project Title
Labaer, Joshua Harvard University Medical School
Automated Clone Evaluation for Functional Proteomics
Ladiges, Warren C University of Washington
Alzheimer's Disease and Impaired APP Proteolysis
Lake, Douglas F University of Arizona
Engineered/Proteolytic Antibodies Specific/HIV-1 gp120
Landman, Natalie Columbia University Health Sciences
p75NTR proteolysis in Alzheimer's Disease
Levy, Ronald M Rutgers the State University of New Jersey New Brunswick
Training for Integrative Proteomics Technologies
Levy, Ronald M Rutgers the State University of New Jersey New Brunswick
Training for Integrative Proteomics Technologies
Liu, Brian C Brigham and Women's Hospital
Proteomics Approaches to Interstitial Cystitis.
Lynn, Bert C University of Kentucky
Mitochondrial Proteome Changes in Alzheimer's Disease
Mauer, S Michael University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Proteomics in Type 1 Diabetes and its Complications
Mcintosh, Martin W Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Affinity-Based Serum Proteomics: Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Morrison, Richard S University of Washington
Proteome analysis of malignant astrocytes
Murphy, Robert F Carnegie-Mellon University
Robust Portable Software for Location Proteomics
Nagy, Timothy R University of Alabama at Birmingham
Supplements to Promote Collaborative Research in Proteomics Applied to Obesity
Nel, Andre E University of California Los Angeles
Proteomics of DEP-induced Oxidative Stress
Ning, Mingming Massachusetts General Hospital
Proteomic Studies of MMP Profiles in Stroke Thrombolysis
Ning, Mingming Massachusetts General Hospital
Proteomic Profile of Brain Endothelial Cell in Hypoxia
Olsen, Timothy W University of Minnesota Twin Cities
The Subproteome in Age-related Macular Degeneration
Ornstein, David K University of California Irvine
Prostate Cancer Detection by Serum Proteomic Profiling
Park, Pyong Baylor College of Medicine
Proteoglycans in Sepsis
Park, Pyong Baylor College of Medicine
Proteoglycans in Lung Inflammation and Fibrosis
Paul, Sudhir University of Texas Health Science Center Houston
beta-Amyloid Antibodies with Specific Proteolytic Activity
Michael B
Yeshiva University
Proteomic analysis of head & neck squamous cell cancer
Timothy W
University of Washington
Biomarkers in high-dimensional genetic and proteomic dat
Rapraeger, Alan C University of Wisconsin Madison
Proteoglycans of the Plasma Membrane
Ray, Swapan K Medical University of South Carolina
Proteolytic Control of Gliobastoma
Regnier, Fred E Purdue University West Lafayette
Mitochondrial Proteomics Of Aging
Sandirasegarane, Lakshman Pennsylvania State University Hershey Medical Center
Diabetic Proteome and Dysregulated Vascular Phenotype
Schnitzer, Jan E Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
Proteomic Resource for Basic & Clinical Cancer Research
Schoneich, Christian University of Kansas Lawrence
Proteomic characterization of aging cerebellum
She, Jinxiong Medical College of Georgia
Proteomic changes/progression of human type 1 diabetes
Smith, Jeffrey W Burnham Institute
Center on Proteolytic Pathways
Snell, Lawrence D Lohocla Research Corporation
Proteomic Markers of Alcohol Abuse (Phase 1)
Sparling, Nicole E Boston University Medical Campus
Mitochondria and Proteosome Dysfunction with MDMA
Stewart, David J Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
CSHL Course on Proteomics
Stewart, Sheila A Washington University
Cellular Lifespan and the Telomere Proteome
Tepe, Jetze J Michigan State University
New Methods of Phosphoproteomics
Thomas C
University of California-Los Alamos National Laboratory
Structural Organization and Proteomics of TB
Torres, Gonzalo E University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh
Proteomic/Genetic Approaches to Monoamine Transporters
Tyagi, Suresh C University of Louisville
Inhibitor ameliorates oxidative and proteolytic strees
Utz, Paul J Stanford University
Lysate Arrays for Studying the Diabetes Proteome
Wang, Houle Michrom Bioresources
Two Dimensional Mass Spectrometer for Proteomic Research
Weil, P Anthony Vanderbilt University
Proteomic Construction of Stress Regulated Networks
Mary H
Iowa State University
The developmental proteome of retinal progenitor
White, Forest M Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Proteomics of central tolerance in NOD vs B6 mice
Wilkinson, Keith D Emory University
Ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis: Specificity & Mechanism
Yang, Austin University of Southern California
Proteomics of age-related neurodegeneration
Zhang, Zhongyin Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
Chemical Genetic and Proteomic Analysis of PTP1B
Zhu, Haining University of Kentucky
Proteomic and Functional Studies of Mitochondria in ALS
*Data compiled between July 18, 2005 and Sept. 11, 2005.
SOURCE: NIH office of extramural research.
This site lists extramural awards in fiscal year 2005 by state/foreign site.
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