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ProteoMonitor s IP Roundup: Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics: Nov 11, 2005


US Patent No. 6,958,473. A-priori biomarker knowledge based mass filtering for enhanced biomarker detection. Inventors: Mikhail Belov, Peter Foley. Assignee: Predicant Biosciences.

This invention relates to methods and an apparatus for mass filtering based on a-priori biomarker knowledge and elution time intervals for selected ion species from a separation device. A sample may be screened for biomarker patterns based on distinct elution times for selected ions or peptides. In addition, a mass spectrum for a species of interest can be tailored by filtering out undesired ions by measuring corresponding elution times and determining a priori selected elution time intervals for desired ion species only. The invention assists in the identification of biomarkers having known mass spectral peaks corresponding to known proteins or ions of interest that are known to elute from a separation device within a pre-defined elution time window.

US Patent No. 6,956,207. Separation media, multiple electrospray nozzle system and method. Inventors: Thomas Corso, Gary Schultz, Simon Prosser, Xian Huang. Assignee: Advion BioScience.

The invention relates to an integrated miniaturized fluidic system fabricated using Micro-ElectroMechanical System (MEMS) technology. An integrated monolithic microfabricated device is capable of generating multiple sprays from a single fluid stream and a separation of material, preferably a porous monolithic polymer bed, for chromatographic separations.

US Patent No. 6,953,928. Ion source and methods for MALDI mass spectrometry. Inventors: Marvin Vestal, Kevin Hayden, Philip Savickas. Assignee: Applera.

This invention relates to matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) ion sources, and methods of MALDI ion source operation, for use with mass analyzers. The MALDI ion sources can serve and be operated as pulsed MALDI ion sources.

The invention provides ion sources, ion formation methods and mass analyzer systems that facilitate increasing one or more of sensitivity, resolution, and dynamic mass range, and that facilitate decreasing operational downtime of a mass analyzer.

US Patent No. 6,952,011. MALDI sample plate. Inventors: Jeff Brown, Dominic Gostick, Edouard Bouvier, John Charles Gebler, Peter Jeng Jong Lee, James Ian Langridge, Emmanuelle Claude, Weibin Chen. Assignee: Micromass UK.

A MALDI sample plate is disclosed. The plate comprises a metallic substrate having a circular groove or moat. A hydrophobic polytetrafluorethylene layer is applied to the substrate and a central portion of the substrate is laser etched, which roughens the surface of the substrate. A thin polystyrene layer is then applied to the polytetrafluoroethylene layer and the central portion.

US Patent No. 6,951,742. Methods and vectors for generating antibodies in avian species and uses thereof. Inventor: Lingxun Duan. Assignee: GenWay Biotech.

The invention relates to processes for producing polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to an antigen in an avian species, preferably in a chicken, using polynucleotide vaccination. The invention also relates to processes for determining the proteomics profile of a set of pre-selected DNA sequences isolated from a bio-sample, preferably the proteomics profile of a human cDNA library. The invention further relates to antibody arrays, integrated databases for identification of genes and proteins, and multi-functional gene expression vectors.

US Patent No. 6,951,575. Method for performing high density submicroliter crystallization experiments. Inventors: Bernard Santasiero, Raymond Stevens, Peter Schultz, Joseph Jaklevic, Derek Yegian, Earl Cornell, Robert Nordmeyer.

This invention relates to a method for performing array microcrystallizations to determine suitable crystallization conditions for a molecule, which may be one for which an x-ray crystal structure is needed.

US Patent No. 6,960,760. Mass spectrometer. Inventors: Robert Bateman, Kevin Giles, Steve Pringle. Assignee: Micromass UK.

This invention relates to an ion tunnel ion trap comprising a plurality of electrodes having apertures. The ion tunnel ion trap is preferably coupled to a time-of-flight mass analyzer.

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