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ProteoMonitor s IP Roundup: Recent Patents of Interest in Proteomics: Mar 24, 2003


US Patent 6,534,764. Tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometer with damping in collision cell and method for use. Inventors: Anatoli Verentchikov, Marvin Vestal, Kevin Hayden. Assignee: PerSeptive Biosystems (now Applied Biosystems).

Protects a tandem mass spectrometer with a collisional damping cell that slows down and adapts an ion beam from a TOF mass spectrometer to a second mass spectrometer, preferably an orthogonal TOF-MS.

US Patent 6,534,765. Atmospheric pressure photoionization (APPI): a new ionization method for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Inventors: Damon Robb, Andries Pieter Bruins. Assignee: MDS.

Covers a method and apparatus for analyzing a sample solution that is formed into a spray. The sample stream is irradiated at atmospheric pressure to ionize a dopant. Subsequent collisions between the dopant and the analyte result in ionization of the analyte.

US Patent 6,535,624. Gel electrophoresis image combining for improved dynamic range. Inventor: John Taylor. Assignee: Large Scale Proteomics.

Protects an image processing method and apparatus for increasing the dynamic range of a gel electrophoresis image by combining a number of images.

US Patent 6,534,270. Biochip and method for fabricating the same. Inventors: Su Hyeon Kim, Je Kyun Park, Tae Han Kim. Assignee: LG Electronics (Korea).

Covers a method to make biochips based on fibers which are immersed in a solution of biomolecules. The fibers are then bundled, embedded, and cut perpendicularly to the length of the fibers to obtain thin chips.

US Patent 6,525,312. Mass spectrometer with method for real time removal of background signal. Inventor: Lisa Cousins. Assignee: MDS.

Protects a mass spectrometer with one mass analyzer for selecting and rejecting ions of a particular mass-to-charge ratio, a fragmentation stage, and another mass analysis stage that selects ions of a particular mass-to-charge ratio and rejects other ions. A synchronization unit is between the two mass analysis stages.

US Patent 6,525,313. Method and apparatus for an electrospray needle for use in mass spectrometry. Inventor: Melvin Park. Assignee: Bruker Daltonics.

Relates to a spray needle for use in electrospray ionization (ESI) for mass spectrometry, which has an opening along its length such that a sample solution may be more readily introduced. The design of the spray needle, which is reusable, is also very durable.

US Patent 6,528,320. Method and apparatus for desorption and ionization of analytes. Inventors: William Hutchens, Tai-Tung Yip. Assignee: Baylor College of Medicine.

Provides improved methods, materials composition, and apparatus for coupled adsorption, desorption, and ionization of analytes into the gas phase, preferably for use in conjunction with mass spectrometry of biomolecules and other macromolecules.

US Patent 6,528,784. Mass spectrometer system including a double ion guide interface and method of operation. Inventors: Keqi Tang, Alan Schoen, Jean-Jacques Dunyach. Assignee: None.

Describes an interface for delivering ions generated in an ion source into a mass analyzer in a chamber under vacuum pressure.

US Patent 6,531,284. Fast and exhaustive method for selecting a prey polypeptide interacting with a bait polypeptide of interest: application to the construction of maps of interacting polypeptides. Inventors: Pierre Legrain, Micheline Fromont, Jean-Christophe Rain. Assignee: Institut Pasteur.

Covers a method for selecting a polynucleotide encoding a prey polypeptide in a two-hybrid screening system that makes use of mating recombinant haploid yeast cells instead of recombinant yeast cell colonies.

US Patent 6,531,318. Methods and apparatus for cell analysis. Inventors: Darryl Palmer-Toy, David Sarracino, Dennis Sgroi, Peter Leopold. Assignee: The General Hospital, ProteiGene.

Protects a method that includes laser capture microdissection (LCM) for selecting small clusters of cells of interest from sections of tissue and MALDI-MS for characterizing simultaneously a broad variety of biological molecules present in the cluster.

US Patent 6,531,283. Protein expression profiling. Inventors: Stephen Kingsmore, Girish Nallur, Barry Schweitzer. Assignee: Molecular Staging.

Covers methods for detecting small quantities of analytes such as proteins and peptides using rolling circle replication of a circular DNA molecule. Multiple proteins can be analyzed using protein microarrays.

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