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ProteoMonitor Funding Update:Recent NSF Awards in Proteomics


Modeling Structure and Function of Proteins Encoded by the Rice Genome

Start Date: August 15, 2002

Expires: July 31, 2007

Estimated total amount: $1,896,908

Investigator: Ram Samudrala

Sponsor: University of Washington

The grant covers a plan to construct a structural and functional model for all proteins encoded by the rice genome and to make that information available online so that researchers can have a comprehensive picture of rice and cereal biology. The project will use computational biology methods developed at the University of Washington, will involve elucidating the function of characterized and novel proteins, and is aimed at identifying proteins that make rice disease- and pest-resistant, as well as those that improve yield.


Topics in Protein Folding and Protein Dynamics

Start Date: Jul 15, 2002

Expires: June 30, 2005

Estimated total amount: $411,000

Investigator: Devarajan Thirumalai

Sponsor: University of Maryland, College Park

The grant supports development of algorithms and theories to explain phenomena such as the force-induced unfolding of proteins and assembly of beta-hairpin structures, the mechanism of urea-induced denaturation, and chaperone-assisted folding of proteins. The work uses statistical mechanics and simulations previously used to study glass. It also endeavors to incorporate recent experimental work.

Constructing Protein Ontologies Using Text Mining

Start Date: July 1, 2002

Expires: June 30, 2004

Estimated total amount: $698,430

Investigator: Inderjeet Mani

Sponsor: Georgetown University

The project focuses on developing an ontology, or semantic model, that includes shared vocabulary and concept classification for protein names. The project involves compiling a data dictionary and links to more specific, more general, and synonymous protein names. Instead of manually compiling the ontology, the project applies statistical and computational linguistics methods to text from Medline and a knowledge base developed at the Protein Information Resource. The ontology and software system developed in this project will be available online in XML-based ontology interchange formats.

The Scan

Nucleotide Base Detected on Near-Earth Asteroid

Among other intriguing compounds, researchers find the nucleotide uracil, a component of RNA sequences, in samples collected from the near-Earth asteroid Ryugu, as they report in Nature Communications.

Clinical Trial Participants, Investigators Point to Importance of Clinical Trial Results Reporting in Canadian Study

Public reporting on clinical trial results is crucial, according to qualitative interviews with clinical trial participants, investigators, and organizers from three provinces appearing in BMJ Open.

Old Order Amish Analysis Highlights Autozygosity, Potential Ties to Blood Measures

Researchers in BMC Genomics see larger and more frequent runs-of-homozygosity in Old Order Amish participants, though only regional autozygosity coincided with two blood-based measures.

Suicidal Ideation-Linked Loci Identified Using Million Veteran Program Data

Researchers in PLOS Genetics identify risk variants within and across ancestry groups with a genome-wide association study involving veterans with or without a history of suicidal ideation.