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Protein Discovery, AnaSpec, GE Healthcare, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Agilent Technologies

At the annual conference of the US Human Proteome Organization in Bethesda, Md., this week, Protein Discovery launched the Passport 1200 Sample Prep System, the commercial version of the MALDIplex M5 Sample Prep System.
The Passport 1200 system prepares low molecular weight analytes from complex mixtures for analysis by mass spectrometry and prepares 96 samples in one hour automatically, the company said in a statement.
Features include a slide-out, robot arm-accessible loading door for compatibility with automated sample prep workflows; a new electrode pin design that eliminates direct contact between the instrument’s 96 electrodes and wet sample solutions in the cartridge wells; a prepared-sample protocol for researchers interested in supplementary, high-resolution liquid-phase fractionations, or who use ESI; and measurement and publication of key sample preparation performance characteristics and their effects on resulting mass spectra quality.

AnaSpec launched its Phosphopeptide Standards Kit this week. The kit contains six individually packed phosphopeptides at 10 micrograms each. They can be used for characterizing affinity-purified phosphorylated peptides in LC and for the detection and analysis of such peptides in MS, the company said in a statement.

GE Healthcare launched the NanoVue UV/Visible spectrophotometer this week. The instrument quantifies DNA, RNA, oligo, and protein samples in less than five seconds, the company said in a statement.
It does not require a computer and a user can select pre-defined methods or custom create one directly from the instrument’s in-built display. Its sensitivity enables measurements of sample volumes as low as 0.5 microliters and eliminates the use of cuvettes or capillaries, the company said.

Bio-Rad Laboratories introduced the Mini-Protean Tetra system for vertical mini gel electrophoresis. According to the company, the cell can run up to four mini gels in under an hour or 2D gels in under a day.

Agilent Technologies this week launched a new website,, to provide overviews of the various proteomics challenges such as biomarker discovery, quantitative proteomics, and intact protein analysis, as well as posters, technical notes, and other information about Agilent products to address those challenges.

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