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Protagen, Thermo Fisher Scientific, CyBio

Protagen this week launched Modiro-The PTM-Explorer, software that automates the identification of posttranslational modifications of proteins. Modiro analyzes thousands of mass spectrometry profiles “in parallel to identify unknown mass shifts, sequence errors, and unspecific enzymatic cleavage of amino acids in high throughput,” the company said in a statement.
With Modiro’s interface, the analysis of the many spectra allows for a faster and more complete characterization of the protein than had previously been possible, Protagen said.

Thermo Fisher Scientific last week at the Pittsburgh Conference, launched the Sorvall Legent T and RT Plus Centrifuge Series. The system is a fully integrated, high throughput system that includes four fixed-angle carbon rotors and new high-capacity adapters, the company said in a statement.
The improvements, Thermo said, “bring unprecedented speed and capacity to the laboratory bench, thereby dramatically accelerating the researchers’ everyday sample preparation processes.”

CyBio launched its Cybi-CrystalCreator this week. The workstation automates protein crystallization. The Cybi-CrystalCreator “assures fast and precise pipetting within a large volume range from 0.1 to 25 microliters without appreciable evaporation during the process,” the company said.
The system consists of a 96- and 8-channel pipettor with a 10-place circular carriage, which the company said provides sufficient space for any kind of crystallization plates and reservoirs.