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Now to the Tune of Oklahoma, Everybody Sing TIME-OF-FLIGHT and MASS SPECTROMETRY


At the 50th ASMS Meeting in Orlando June 2-6, “The Capitol Specs,” a group of researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, led a moderately sober crowd (made festive by corporate hospitality) in rousing renditions of the following mass spectrometry-related songs:


(to the tune of “Oklahoma”)


Time of Flight

It’s al-right

Measures every ion in sight

Start pulse here

Stop pulse there

Looks at masses


Our resolution’s growing every day ....

Cause those peptides and proteins are making big ions.



So keep your eye on my flight tube

Gonna stand the world on its ear

And you’ll see just how much we’ve grown

When we start mapping YOUR proteome

Time of flight

Line of sight

Reflectrons make the energy right

We use UV

And matrices

Any wavelength

That you please

Our resolution’s growing every day....

Cause those peptides and proteins are making big ions.


Those peptides and proteins are making big ions

Time of flight, its alright, yes and its out of sight




(to the tune of “Everything’s Coming Up Roses,”
from the musical Gypsy)


Mass spectrometry, we are alive and well

With our electrospray sources and MALDI of course, it’s

Sure we’re doing awfully swell

Mass spectrometry, we’re growing all the time

With our tandems and traps, you could say perhaps

That we’re doing awfully fine.

We know we can extend our high masses,

If we all work off our [rhymes with masses]

And so we say

To everyone today

It’s surely clear that

We’re doing fine mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry


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