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New Products with Proteomic Applications from Pittcon 2006

New Products with Proteomic Applications from Pittcon 2006
Product Name
Description and Applications
Agilent 1200 Single Quad mass spectrometer
Instrument has doubled throughput of Agilent's previous single quad. For more details, see ProteoMonitor 2/2/2006.
Agilent 6210 TOF mass spectrometer
Instrument offers over four times the throughput of Agilent's previous TOF, better than 3 ppm mass accuracy, and three to four orders of magnitude in spectrum dynamic range. Scans five to 10 times per second over a wide mass range. For more details, see ProteoMonitor 2/2/2006.
Agilent 6300 Series Ion Trap mass spectrometer
Ion trap's Electron Transfer Dissociation fragmentation technique offers new capabilities in post-translational modification analysis. For more details, see ProteoMonitor 2/2/2006.
Agilent 6410 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS
At a cost of $205,000, the instrument is priced "30 to 50 percent lower than comparable instruments," according to Agilent. For more details, see ProteoMonitor 2/2/2006.
Agilent 6510 Q-TOF mass spectrometer
Instrument offers attomole sensitivity for MS and MS/MS, and a mass accuracy of 1 ppm to 3 ppm for MS, and 5 ppm for MS/MS. Scans at speed of 20 scans per second, and has up to 15,000 resolving power. For more details, see ProteoMonitor 2/2/2006.
Agilent MassHunter Bioconfirmation software
Designed to confirm identities of known proteins or peptides by generating accurate lists of peptide mass, retention time, and abundance.
Agilent MassHunter Profiling software
Designed to reveal relevant differences between samples — for example, differences in expression of peptides, proteins, or metabolites.
Agilent MassHunter Workstation software
Software supports Agilent's new 6000 series mass specs. Applications include instrument control, data acquisition, and qualitative and quantitative analysis. Software currently does not support Agilent's older mass specs.
Agilent Spectrum Mill for MassHunter Workstation
New version supports a wide variety of stable isotope-based labeling strategies.
Applied Biosystems QSTAR Elite Q-TOF mass spectrometer
Launched in January, this instrument has a sub-3 ppm mass accuracy and a scan speed of 20 spectra per second in full-scan MS mode, and seven MS/MS spectra per second in automated information-dependent acquisition mode. Its sensitivity, resolution, mass accuracy, linear dynamic range, and speed are better than ABI's previous QSTAR XL system.
Bruker Daltonics Apollo II Dual Source
Allows for simultaneous integration of MALDI and electrospray ionization sources into Bruker's apex line of hybrid Q-q-FTMS mass specs.
Bruker Daltonics MALDI BioTyper
Uses protein "fingerprints" measured by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry to identify and classify microorganisms.
Bruker Daltonics MALDI Molecular Imager
Combines MALDI-TOF mass spec technology with histological tissue imaging. Particularly suited to monitoring the spatial distribution of biomarkers in tissue sections. Uses Bruker's proprietary smartbeam laser technology.
Bruker Daltonics PTMscan
Applies electron transfer dissociation to Bruker's HCTultra high-capacity ion trap mass spec. Particularly useful for analyzing post-translational modifications.
Bruker Daltonics R-series of refrigerated magnets
Refrigerated magnets for Bruker's apex line of hybrid Q-q-FTMS mass specs. Magnets are lower maintenance and smaller than their conventional counterparts.
Cerno Bioscience MassWorks software
Software package uses company's patented MSIntegrity technology to achieve higher mass accuracy. Software can improve mass accuracy of unit mass resolution mass specs by up to 100 times, to 5 ppm, according to Cerno. For high-resolution mass specs, software can improve mass accuracy by about three times.
Dionex UltiMate 3000 series of HPLC systems
Features dual pump, autosampler, and large dynamic flow rate. Available with monolithic columns. System is controllable by a number of mass spec softwares, including Thermo's Xcalibur, ABI's Analyst, and Bruker's HyStar.
Shimadzu Prominence High-Throughput HPLC
Uses 2.2 micron packing material columns which, according to Shimadzu, generate less than half the backpressure compared with other commercially available sub-2 micron columns.
Thermo Electron Finnigan LXQ linear ion trap mass spectrometer
Introduced towards the end of 2005, this linear ion trap has a simpler design than Thermo's LTQ-FT and LTQ-Orbitrap that results in a slighly lower sensitivity and significantly lower cost.
Thermo Electron Pulsed-Q Dissociation fragmentation technique
Introduced towards the end of 2005, this new fragmentation technique eliminates the low mass cut-off for ion traps and enables quantitation with iTRAQ labling reagents.
Varian 15T Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry system
World's first 15 Tesla FTMS. Equipped with the strongest magnetic field magnet commercially available, this FTMS is particularly suited for analysis of large biomolecules, such as in top-down proteomics, and for the analysis of complex samples, such as serum and plasma, that have large dynamic ranges. Time from order to delivery is approximately one year.
Waters Acquity UPLC Column Manager
New column switcher can handle higher temperatures — a feature that could be important in speeding up separations during proteomics experiments.
Waters Protein Lynx Global Server software, version 2.2.5
New version supports isotopic labeling technologies as well as label-free quantification. See ProteoMonitor 2/16/2006) for more details.
Waters UPLC Amino Acid Analysis Application Solution
System for UPLC analysis of amino acids includes UV-based Acquity UPLC system and an AccQ Tag Ultra Chemistry Kit consisting of a quality-controlled amino acid analysis column, eluents, derivitization reagents and standards.
Waters UPLC Peptide Mapping Application Solution
System offers significantly better resolution and sensitvity than traditional LC when applied to protein identification, according to Waters. Includes UV-based Acquity UPLC system, the BEH130 and BEH300 peptide mapping columns, and a system PQ kit that includes a column and two peptide standards.
Wyatt Technology DynaPro Titan Plate Reader
Automated Dynamic Light Scattering system for characterizing protein homogeneity within a solution operates with as few as 50 microliters of sample per well.
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