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New Products: Olink's Proseek Multiplex, Thermo's Nanospray Flex Ion Source


Olink has launched Proseek Multiplex, a set of multiplexed protein biomarker immunoassays based on its Proximity Extension Assay platform that enable researchers to quantify 92 proteins in a one-microliter sample.

The first entry in the product line is Proseek Multiplex Oncology I 96x96, which analyzes 96 samples against a panel of analytes such as growth factors, inflammatory markers, soluble receptors, and cancer antigens.

The company plans to release additional Proseek 92-plex panels for cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and diabetes later this year.

Olink said that the minimal sample requirements of Proseek Multiplex make it particularly useful for biomarker discovery using biobanked serum samples, tissue lysates of needle biopsies, and microdialysis samples. The company said the Proseek assays provide accurate quantification below picogram-per-milliliter levels.

Proseek Multiplex is for research use only.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released an UHPLC liquid junction kit for its Nanospray Flex Ion Source for electrospray ionization LC-MS.

The company said that the new kit elevates packed tip column performance to "UHPLC levels."

The Nanospray Flex source provides ion generation for nano-electrospray for all current Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers.