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New Products: ASMS Focus


A number of vendors introduced new proteomics products at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry meeting in Baltimore this week. The following is a roundup of new offerings introduced at the conference.

AB Sciex this week launched its TripleTOF 6600 mass spectrometer, which the company said offers more than five orders of dynamic range, as well as 35,000 resolution in MS mode, 30,000 resolution in high-resolution MS/MS mode, 20,000 resolution in high-sensitivity MS/MS mode, and a speed of up to 100 MS/MS per second.

The company also launched its Swath 2.0 data-independent acquisition workflow for use on the 6600.

Thermo Fisher Scientific this week released its Q Exactive HF, which features a high field Orbitrap that offers 240,000 resolution and a scan speed of 18Hz, both double that of the original Q Exactive.

The company also introduced four different types of DIA methodologies for use on its Q Exactive, Q Exactive HF, and Orbitrap Fusion instruments: Swath-DIA, pSMART DIA, Msx-DIA, and WiSIM DIA.

Waters this week introduced its Xevo G2-XS QTOF. The instruments offers 40,000 resolution and features the company's new XS Collision Cell which focuses incoming ions to improve sensitivity and resolution, the company said.

Waters also launched its Progenesis QI for proteomics 2.0 software package, which is intended for quantitative analysis of proteomic data.

Waters also this week expanded its ionKey/MS chromatography system to work with mass spectrometers including its Synapt and Xevo lines.

Bruker this week launched its impact II QTOF, which, according to the company, offers 50,000 resolution along with five orders of dynamic range.

Agilent introduced its 6495 triple quadrupole, which, the company said, offers a five-fold increase in sensitivity over its 6490 instrument.

The company also introduced two protein sample prep products: the AssayMAP Phosphopeptide Enrichment Solution and the Affinity Purification Workflow Solution. The former is intended for reproducible, automated enrichment of phosphopeptides prior to mass spec analysis, while the latter is intended for immuno-enrichment of protein targets before mass spec analysis.

Agilent also this week released its AdvanceBio Glycan Mapping LC column for separation of glycans and glycopeptides.

Proteo Biosciences announced this week that it is offering high-resolution accurate mass analysis using its LAESI mass spec imaging platform with Thermo Fisher's Q Exactive instrument.

Protein Metrics this week released its Preview software, a freeware package that can be used to sample mass spec data to determine aspects like mass errors, digestion specificity, and modifications in order to optimize subsequent searches of the full dataset.