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New Products: ASMS 2012 Focus


A number of vendors introduced new proteomics products at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry meeting in Vancouver this week. The following is a roundup of new offerings introduced at the conference.

AB Sciex this week introduced its TripleQuad 6500 and QTRAP 6500 mass spectrometers as well as its new TripleTOF 5600 + instrument, an updated version of its existing TripleTOF 5600 line that incorporates the company's new Swath data-independent acquisition method.

The company also released its new Amplifex Reagents, which are intended to enhance signal in certain mass spec workflows.

Bruker launched its new ultrafleXtreme MALDI TOF/TOF system, which the company said offers up to 2 kHz repetition rate with true-pixel image resolution at 20 µm for proteins.

It also launched its new nano-Advance UHPLC system for capillary and nano-flow LC-MS applications, particularly proteomics.

Bruker also released its new ImageID workflow, an imaging mass spec workflow aimed at molecular histology that, the company said, enables identification of roughly 80 percent of peptides observed in mass spec imaging experiments, including those done in formalin-fixed tissue samples. In addition, it launched its new GlycoQuest glycan search engine for glycomics and glycoproteomics.

Waters this week introduced its Xevo G2-S QTof and Xevo G2-S Tof benchtop instruments, which incorporate the company's StepWave ion optics technology.

It also launched its new TransOmics Informatics software, a package developed in collaboration with bioinformatic firm Nonlinear Dynamics that is intended to help researchers integrate and analyze various kinds of -omics data.

The company released as well its new High Definition Imaging software, a suite for MALDI imaging work.

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched its new Exactive Plus LC-MS system, an updated version of the company's Exactive instrument that can be upgraded to its Q Exactive machine.

The company also released its new Easy-Spray nano-LC system along with several new sets of consumables including its new Accucore C8 HPLC columns, Acclaim Surfactant Plus columns, MAbPac SCX-10 columns, SOLA solid phase extraction cartridges, and Titan3 and Target2 syringe filters.

Additionally, Thermo Fisher launched a next-generation version of its Sieve software for protein biomarker discovery and its new Protein Deconvolution software for complex protein analysis.

SimulTof Systems this week introduced three new MALDI mass spec systems, the SimulTOF 100 Linear system, the two-stage reflector SimulTOF 200 system, and the TOF-TOF SimulTOF 300 Tandem system.

Agilent launched its new Automated Card Extraction LC/MS system, a mass spec-based system for the analysis of dried blood spots and other dried media designed for use with the company's 6400 series triple quad.

Shimadzu this week launched its new LCMS-8040 and LCMS-8080 triple quad instruments, which, the company said, offer, respectively, up to five and 30 times the sensitivity of its existing LCMS-8030 machine.

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