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New Products: Feb 26, 2009


Agilent Technologies this week launched the Phosphochip for analyzing phosphopeptides.

Phosphochip, for use with Agilent HPLC-chip-MS instruments, combines enrichment and analysis of phosphopeptides into a single step of LC-MS analysis when used with the Agilent HPLC-chip-MS interface and Agilent 6000 series mass specs, the company said in a statement. It has a fully integrated microfluidic design that enables routine PTM analysis.

GWC Technologies this week launched its dual-channel array imaging for its label-free analysis platform.

The dual-channel capability is built on GWC's SPRimager II array system. The new cell uses the same design principles as the low-volume cell, "delivering improved fluidics and lower sample volume requirement when used with SpotReady 16 chips," the company said in a statement.

Researchers can now monitor multiple molecular interactions for two different analyties in parallel, multiple molecular interactions for two concentrations of the same analyte simultaneously; and adsorption of surface layers from organic or aqueous solutions, GWC said.

Pall Life Sciences this week expanded its line of chromatography columns with the launch of columns offering S, Q, DEAE, and CM chemistries for rapid protein purification with high capacity and high resolution.

It also launched AcroSep columns for affinity purification for high protein purity in one step, and AcroSep columns for mixed-mode, which enable proteins to be eluted by pH or hydrophobicity, yielding a more efficient separation and an alternative conventional hydrophobic interaction chromatography, the company said in a statement.

AnaSpec last week launched the industry's first non-muscle myosin class II heavy chain antibodies, which belong to a superfamily of actin-based motor proteins.