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New Products: Jul 16, 2010


GE Healthcare this week launched His Mag Sepharose Ni, Protein A Mag Sepharose Xtra, and Protein G Mag Sepharose Xtra magnetic beads for the magnetic screening of his-tagged proteins and antibodies.

The beads offer binding capacities of >27 mg human lgG/ml medium on Protein A Mag Sepharose Xtra and Protein G Mag Sepharose Xtra; and >50 mg his-tagged protein/ml medium on His Mag Sepharose Ni, the company said.

AMSBIO announced this week its new service generating mass spectrometry standards for more than 5,000 human proteins.

Produced in human HEK293T cells, the standards are stable isotope-labeled full length proteins with authentic post-tranlational modifications and are designed for use in both MALDI and ESI mass spec, the company said.

The Scan

US Supports Patent Waivers

NPR reports that the Biden Administration has announced its support for waiving intellectual property protections for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

Vaccines Versus Variants

Two studies find the Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine to be effective against viral variants, and Moderna reports on booster shots to combat variants.

CRISPR for What Ails You

The Wall Street Journal writes that CRISPR-based therapies could someday be used to treat common conditions like heart attacks.

Nature Papers Review Integration of Single-Cell Assay Data, Present Approach to Detect Rare Variants

In Nature this week: review of ways to integrate data from single-cell assays, and more.