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New Products: Jul 2, 2010


Aushon BioSystems launched this week new human multiplex biomarker panels for the quantification of eight protein biomarkers related to drug-induced kidney damage.

The panels are validated for analysis of the following biomarkers in urine samples: KIM-1, clusterin, TIMP-1, VEGF, trefoil factor-3, osteopontin, EGF, and NGAL. The panels were developed with the Aushon SearchLight protein array technology and feature a 3.5 hour protocol similar to standard plate-based ELISAs, the company said.

Thermo Fisher Scientific this week added new Thermo Scientific Cysteine-Reactive Tandem Mass Tag Reagents to its isobaric tandem mass tags product line.

The reagents enable protein identification and quantification via selective labeling of cysteine-containing peptides and can be used for multiplex analysis of up to six different samples concurrently, the company said.

Dionex released this week its new UltiMate 3000 NCP-3200RS nano/capillary LC pump module, an ultra-high-pressure pump designed for proteomics research.

The pump can be used for reversed-phase separation of peptides in LC-MS workflows as well as applications like automated off-line 2D-LC or tandem nano LC.

Asset management firm GoIndustry DoveBid announced this week that Pfizer will be selling off surplus assets from its US facilities in a series of weekly auctions.

Items to be auctioned include HPLC and NMR systems as well as mass spectrometers and general lab equipment.

The Scan

Comfort of Home

The Guardian reports that AstraZeneca is to run more clinical trials from people's homes with the aim of increasing participant diversity.

Keep Under Control

Genetic technologies are among the tools suggested to manage invasive species and feral animals in Australia, Newsweek says.

Just Make It

The New York Times writes that there is increased interest in applying gene synthesis to even more applications.

Nucleic Acids Research Papers on OncoDB, mBodyMap, Genomicus

In Nucleic Acids Research this week: database to analyze large cancer datasets, human body microbe database, and more.