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New Products: Jan 15, 2009


AnaSpec last week introduced its newest ClearPoint heavy or isotope-labeled peptides and amino acids.

The peptides can be used for the quantitative analysis of beta-amyloid peptides in biological fluids using mass spectrometry. Beta-amyloid peptides have been used as biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease. ELISAs have been used to quantify these peptides, but technical challenges such as the tendency of beta-amyloids to self-aggregate, undergo post-translational modification, or bind to other proteins can lead to inaccurate results, AnaSpec said in a statement.

"The inclusion of internal heavy isotope labeled peptide standards makes mass spectrometry an absolute quantitation method for the peptide of interest," the company said.

The Scan

Harvard Team Report One-Time Base Editing Treatment for Motor Neuron Disease in Mice

A base-editing approach restored SMN levels and improved motor function in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy, a new Science paper reports.

International Team Examines History of North American Horses

Genetic and other analyses presented in Science find that horses spread to the northern Rockies and Great Plains by the first half of the 17th century.

New Study Examines Genetic Dominance Within UK Biobank

Researchers analyze instances of genetic dominance within UK Biobank data, as they report in Science.

Cell Signaling Pathway Identified as Metastasis Suppressor

A new study in Nature homes in on the STING pathway as a suppressor of metastasis in a mouse model of lung cancer.