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Nazem & Co., Zymark and Waters, SBI, Amresco


Nazem & Co to Launch Proteomics VC Fund

Venture capital firm Nazem & Co. said last week that it plans to launch a $150 million fund devoted to proteomics companies in the Northeast.

Fred Nazem, a managing partner in the New York City-based firm, said the fund should close by late January, but was reluctant to specify what types of proteomics companies the fund would seek to support. “We can’t accommodate every company,” he said, “and I don’t want to look like I’m getting ahead of myself.”

Nazem’s venture capital portfolio includes companies such as Genetix Pharmaceuticals, a developer of gene therapies for treating cancer, and SiRF Technology, which is developing consumer applications for GPS and other wireless technologies.


Zymark and Waters to Develop HPLC Software

Zymark and Waters have agreed to jointly develop mutually compatible software for automated high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems, the companies said last week.

As a member of Waters’ Software Partners Program, Zymark will collaborate with Waters to design software that will allow its Prelude automated liquid handling workstation to function seamlessly with Waters’ Millennium chromatography software.

Zymark, based in Hopkinton, Mass., develops robotics and liquid handling workstations, as well as scheduling and data management software. It is the first collaboration between Zymark and Milford, Mass.-based Waters, a manufacturer of chromatography separation systems.


Former NABI Exec Joins SBI As President and COO

David Muth has joined Structural Bioinformatics (SBI) as president and chief operating officer, the company said last week.

In his new role, Muth will oversee company operations such as sales, marketing, and database production, as well as drug research and development at SBI and its European subsidiary, SBI-Advanced Technologies.

Muth formerly served as senior vice president of business operations for pharmaceutical company NABI, where he helped transform the company from a plasma supplier into an integrated biopharmaceutical company, SBI said. Prior to NABI, Muth held a variety of senior management roles at Johnson & Johnson, where he helped launch antifungal and contraceptive pharmaceuticals that garnered hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.


Amresco Launches Pre-Cast Second Dimension Mini-Gels

Solon, Ohio-based Amresco has released its pre-cast second dimension gels, known as 2D RITE-Gels, the company said last week.

The tris-glycine gradient mini-gels contain a 1 cm, 4 percent gradient, and a molecular weight reference lane. The gels are manufactured as pre-poured glass cassettes with 1 mm thickness, and have dimensions of 10 cm by 10 cm.

The product line has separation ranges of 6-240 kD, a shelf life of 4 months, and gradient formats of 8-16 percent and 10-20 percent. A box contains 5 gels.

The Scan

Drug Response Variants May Be Distinct in Somatic, Germline Samples

Based on variants from across 21 drug response genes, researchers in The Pharmacogenomics Journal suspect that tumor-only DNA sequences may miss drug response clues found in the germline.

Breast Cancer Risk Gene Candidates Found by Multi-Ancestry Low-Frequency Variant Analysis

Researchers narrowed in on new and known risk gene candidates with variant profiles for almost 83,500 individuals with breast cancer and 59,199 unaffected controls in Genome Medicine.

Health-Related Quality of Life Gets Boost After Microbiome-Based Treatment for Recurrent C. Diff

A secondary analysis of Phase 3 clinical trial data in JAMA Network Open suggests an investigational oral microbiome-based drug may lead to enhanced quality of life measures.

Study Follows Consequences of Early Confirmatory Trials for Accelerated Approval Indications

Time to traditional approval or withdrawal was shorter when confirmatory trials started prior to accelerated approval, though overall regulatory outcomes remained similar, a JAMA study finds.