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National Institute of Standards and Technologies, Promega, OriGene Technologies, deltaDOT

The National Institute of Standards and Technologies announced this week the launch of version 2.0 of its Peptide Mass Spectral Libraries, available here and here.
The libraries are meant to demonstrate the utility of peptide ion fragmentation libraries “by enabling the development of software applications that use them for identifying peptides by mass spectrometry,” NIST said in a statement. Some of the libraries are built from limited databases, such as yeast and E. coli, but some are large enough for general use.

Promega said this week it has added an insect expression system and an improved system for expression in bacteria to its TNT technology offerings.
One advantage of the insect lysate system is the ability to express proteins from DNA at a lower temperature compared to other systems, enhancing protein folding and stability, the company said in a statement,. 

OriGene Technologies this week introduced the Verify Antigen Standard for antibody verification.
Verify is a collection of tagged over-expressed cell lysates to be used as Western blot standards. The product line covers 5,000 over-expressed human proteins, each with a built-in C-terminal Mcy/DDK tag for “easy” expression verification and antibody validation, the company said in a statement.

deltaDOT this week introduced the deltaTITER, a one-hour baculovirus titration system.
In a statement, the company said deltaTITER offers time saving of five days and accuracy benefits over more traditional plaque assays. It is kit-based and automated.