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Myriad RBM Inks Deal with Bio-Rad to Develop and Sell Immunoassay Kits


Myriad RBM and Bio-Rad Laboratories said this week that they are partnering to develop and distribute immunoassay kits.

The deal gives Bio-Rad exclusive distribution rights, for research purposes, to Myriad RBM's catalog of quantitative multiplexed immunoassays to run on Bio-Rad's Bio-Plex 200, Bio-Plex 3D, and Bio-Plex MagPix instruments.

According to Sam LaBrie, vice president of corporate development at Myriad RBM, the agreement provides Myriad RBM with access to Bio-Rad's customer base – much of which Myriad RBM has not traditionally targeted.

"We focus on pharmaceutical and drug development researchers who need services more than kits," LaBrie told ProteoMonitor. "What Bio-Rad offers is an opportunity for us to get our kits in the hands of academic researchers, government and clinical researchers – people who our sales and marketing team don't focus on."

Like Myriad RBM, Bio-Rad runs its immunoassays on a Luminex platform. Estimating that Bio-Rad had placed more than half of the roughly 10,000 Luminex instruments worldwide, LaBrie said the deal was "a great opportunity for us to move our kits to that customer base."

"They know where a lot of these kits can be used and have relationships with these customers already," he said.

Myriad RBM offers assays to more than 250 disease-linked proteins through its DiscoveryMAP platform. Bio-Rad will have access to any of those assays for its kits, LaBrie said, adding that he imagined the company would over the next several years release "a couple dozen" kits, each featuring around eight to 10 protein assays.

He cited kidney markers for preclinical toxicology testing as an area in which Bio-Rad had expressed particular interest.

The deal is structured as a supply agreement, LaBrie said. "We sell kits to Bio-Rad and they sell them to their users."

Additional terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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